We’ve partnered with Coastal Mountains Land Trust to provide a fun and accessible way to engage with art on their trails.

Next time you venture to one of the Waldo County preserves that are part of the Coastal Mountains Land Trust (CMLT) network, you might see a unique-looking trailhead. In fact: it’s not a trailhead, but an Art Cart!

In the spring of 2022, Ryan O’Neill from CMLT, came up with the design and fashioned a prototype, ultimately making its debut appearance during Karen Olson’s Artist Talk at Head of Tide in mid-June 2022. The Art Gone Wild Cart is a miniature gallery and a chance for folks to add to it using the art supplies in the box provided. So next time you see the cart, stop and write a poem or draw what you see around you. Make your mark!

Have you seen the Art Gone Wild trailhead out in the wild? We’d love to share your photos on social media and on this page!

Can you help us stock the cart with art supplies?


Amy Tingle

Program Director

207-338-2222 ext.104


Waterfall Arts COVID-19 Update

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