[Virtual] Guestbook – Harold Garde: You Are Not Alone

From August 28 – October 16, we are proud to showcase Harold Garde’s solo exhibition entitled You Are Not Alone.

As Harold has made clear to us in discussing and preparing for this exhibition, these works are meant to start a conversation; the viewer is left to complete the narrative. What follows are some reflections, reactions, or responses from those who have visited the show. Check them out and consider adding your own contribution to this virtual guestbook! *Email your guestbook entry to chris@waterfallarts.org.

You can view the online gallery here, or you can visit in-person at Waterfall Arts from Wednesday – Saturdays, 11am-3pm, until October 16. More info here.


Transcription from video:

“I’m standing here with one of the eyes painted at the Harold Garde exhibition. I had just a minute to go in and check it out this morning, and the minute I went in, after reading the statement, I just found that I was quiet. The show made me a little tearful–not because it was sad, but just because I could really connect. Thank you, Harold.”

Hélène Farrar

Thank you for presenting Harold Garde’s provocative paintings.
At first, I was attracted to Harold’s primal color palette. Further, his painting technique
of quick and loose application of medium creates a multi-layered surface “in motion”,
which is the perfect matrix for the disarranged human features of his dashed personages.

Harold’s images seem to be metaphors for human complexity, or the shifting impermanence
of personality that just one symmetrical facial expression cannot capture, or that which
may be a mask for.

As cubism asked us to consider the multi-dimensional aspects of the physical and metaphysical
worlds, I think Harold asks us to consider the many depths beyond the surface of human external appearance and moods, and perhaps even peel back time itself, as each of us evolves through our existential space.

Bravo, Harold, on your continued exciting explorations in your towering painting career.

Bob Calabrese
New Smyrna Beach, FL


Transcription from video:


I had an interesting visit with your show at Waterfall Arts today.
The spontaneity is your work is joyful and encourages almost bewilderment to the eye, I found myself wondering, is this one person, two, is the image mirrored, having double vision ? This, in turn, made me think about how we see ourselves and others.
One piece, in the hallway by the stairs made me think of tears, a waterfall of sadness.
Having such a blank background to each piece presented an opportunity for the viewer to create their own imagined background of choice out of the whiteness.
Thank you for the opportunity to see and appreciate your work.

Valerie Schurer Christle



Last night’s Zoom on Harold Garde’s written words was fascinating. They were very much like his paintings: creative, emotional, explorative, halting, informative and questioning. It was a poignant picture of a man in his 10th decade, often alone in his head, longing for companionship, looking back over his life and at his present circumstances, remembering what it was like to think as a child, questioning his wisdom and the quality of his late work, still pushing ahead whether the muse is with him or not, and still engaged in the distressing politics of our day with a quiet rage. It was enriching to take in and contemplate another dimension of this great and good man.

The guys did a great job of bringing his words to life, hesitating appropriately for emphasis, or not. I’m glad you offered us the opportunity and I wish more people had joined us.

Well done. Thank you.

David Estey, Artist
Belfast, Maine

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