Thankfully, it’s Friday

I love Fridays at Waterfall Arts from May to October because of the Farmers Market, the Art Mart and the chance to be outside at our information tent in the front yard. The morning starts early – we like to have our tent up by 9; that’s when people start arriving to shop at the market. We load our tables up with brochures, flyers, sign-up sheets and the merch; WA t-shirts, bags, sketch books and cards. Then there’s the piles of books for sale – donated art books that are duplicates of the ones we want to keep in our library.

Almost everyone stops to look at the books; the prices are low, and who can pass up a copy of Fifty Centuries of Art, or Symbolism, the Universal Language or an Art Forum magazine form the 1970s. People look carefully at what’s on the table; some sigh and say “I have too many books already” while others pay a dollar or two and make a home for a few volumes. Proceeds go to our outreach programs.

Part of the WA information tent is used for demonstrations by artists – recently Willy Reddick showed people how she does white-line woodblock printing and last week Bridget Matros was out there with a large chalk board that kids and adults painted on with water. The designs were lovely and temporary – the sun dried up the moisture and the board was a blank canvas again. There will be demonstrations and activities all summer, usually starting at 10, rain or shine. Stop by!


All through the day, it’s such a visual pleasure to see the bright colors of the produce and crafts, the white tents against the sky, kids going high on the swings, green grass and trees, and all the farmers, artists, craftspeople and visitors. It’s an auditory treat too – there’s music at the Farmers market, kids voices, dogs, lots of conversations.  Plus it smells good out there.

At 1 o’clock, everyone is packing up and the unsold books go back in the boxes. We haul them to the storage room and fold up the tent. Looking forward to next Friday’s fun.

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