Support Waterfall Arts

Dear Friends,

“I could stay forever in this magical landscape you have created,

feeling close to all the things that matter.”

“I’ve had more fun only once before.”  

“The Waterfall Arts is an incredible place.  I am so at home.”

“This is the most valuable artwork I’ve seen in 20 years.”

“You’ve done it again!”

If you’re like us, you love getting compliments.  Who said all this?  You did!  Or someone very much like you – someone who is curious and appreciates amazing arts experiences.  

At Waterfall Arts, we aim to be the best community art center we can be, to provide art exploration for every age and every ability.  Along the way, we receive many thoughtful suggestions about how to improve our classes, our exhibitions, and the user experience. We take these suggestions seriously because we know you want the best art center here, too. 

We love hearing from you, and it means so much when you also let us know with your financial support. Won’t you join us in making sure that access to such creativity continues for all, right here in Belfast?  

Your financial gift can make the difference between free access and no access for families like Brianna, her mom and little brother.  Our free all-ages art events are the only chance they have for creativity outside the home.

You can help kids like Aaron get his hands in the clay, and find peace in a classroom for the first time all week.  

You can help outfit the print studio so our active seniors, like Susan in our Create Now group, can experiment with new printing techniques. 

You can help us do so much for the community! Won’t you join us? The compliments will be for you too!  

Believe me when I say that every dollar matters.  Our staff and volunteers go the extra mile because we see what a difference one person can make here at Waterfall Arts.  Please join us with your generous financial support today.

Thank you!


Gianne P. Conard FAIA

President of the Board


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