About our Classes and FAQ

The Glass Experiences accommodates participants of all skill levels, from first-timers to experienced glassblowers.

Over the course of just one hour, the instructor will assist you one-on-one in making a glass tumbler, vase, or other decorative item. You’ll roll the glass in the color(s) of your choice, blow into the pipe, help shape your piece, and walk away with your own, one-of-a-kind creation.

You can easily share the experience with others by booking multiple hours – the instructor will first cover the basic procedures and safety information with the whole group, then assist each person with their creation. If you’re planning on coming with a friend or group, click here. Interested in our Saturday Date Night? Click here.

Your completed piece needs to cool down overnight in the oven to prevent cracking, and therefore won’t be available for pickup until the following morning starting at 10am, and until 5pm. ***If your Glass Experience is on a Saturday, you will need to pick up your piece on the following Tuesday, since our office and studio are not open on Mondays. While we do require local pickup, we understand that circumstances may prevent that from being possible for you. Please let us know if you would not be able to pick up your completed piece in person, and we can make arrangements for shipping as needed, for an additional fee.

Our community’s safety is our top priority. 

Prior to starting class, instructors will give a full explanation and tour of the studio equipment and how it functions. Safety glasses will be provided to students. All instructors are fully vaccinated. 

Please be on-time for your scheduled appointment. Tardiness will impact the rest of the glassblowing studio schedule, and if you are any later than 15 minutes, we cannot refund your money, nor guarantee the ability produce a piece in the allotted time. 

Cost: $100 per person


Are sneakers okay? Yes.

Are shorts okay? Yes.

Is there a minimum age? Yes, students age 11 and up are welcome.

How physical is the activity – can I participate with a bad back? The instructors can do as much of the work as necessary to make the process low-impact.

For specific ability- and accessibility-related questions, please contact the office.


Cate Bradbury

Administrative Assistant



Waterfall Arts COVID-19 Update

Following CDC recommendations and guidelines, Waterfall Arts will no longer require masking, proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID test for patrons, students, or visitors to attend classes, openings or any events at the Waterfall Arts building