Separate, Together: YIKES! + HiLo

Three weeks away in quarantine and we’ve got your week’s nutritional dose of fiber (art) and two servings of art reviews to nourish the soul.

How are you doing? Are you making work? Send a note with your thoughts and an image or two, and we’ll continue sharing the dispatch of creative voices from our community.

I am listening to Camus’ The Plague, which I seem to have missed while in school.  The hero (a doctor) says (I am paraphrasing) that what is needed in an epidemic is not orders, but creativity! So I made the tapestry as this little infectious adventure was starting.  I think if I were to make one now, it would look more urgent.

-Sally Kirkpatrick, fiber artist

I’ve been enjoying looking at the art, thinking, and writing about it. My take on art writing is not as a “critic” who makes judgments and comparisons (good/bad/indifferent) but as an art appreciator, maybe an art whisperer! Art whispers to me if I just stand there and look at it, and it’s quite nice the way it does that.

Maybe it’s like American Sign Language for the deaf and hard of hearing – except that it’s Art Sign Language. That’s what painting and sculpture’s language is – sign language. And I’m an interpreter. If I can hear what the art whispers – whether it’s as abstract as a fencepost or a tire track, or as emotionally particular as a Rembrandt – and if I just tell you what I’m hearing it whisper to me, then hopefully everybody else can be their own art whisperers and hear what they hear. And we all will trust ourselves just a little better to look at what we see and listen to what we hear. So that is empowering! And that’s one of the things Waterfall Arts is about.

-Alan Crichton, co-founder of Waterfall Arts, artist, writer

Al’s column in the Free Press, “HiLo Art,” is currently on hold. Just before that hiatus, he wrote two new articles from recent explorations in the Gulf Coast (“The Beat in St. Pete”) and New York City (“We Went to NYC!”). Read those articles here.

And if you’re looking for a way to continue to support Waterfall Arts and its programming through these times and into the future, you may donate at any time here. Or, if you’d like to be apart of our capital campaign – Waterfall Rising – to revitalizing our building and grounds, you may donate here.

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