Waterfall Arts’ Belfast location in the former Gov. Anderson School has twenty rooms and studios. Some of these are dedicated to gallery space, program facilities, performance space, long term rentals and offices. There are two rooms that are available to rent for events, classes, meetings, etc. The gallery is also available to rent when it does not currently house an exhibit. Folding tables and chairs are available for renters to use upon request.

Dance Annex:

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The Dance Annex is approximately 22′ x 32′ or 694 sq. ft. and can hold 12 people for a movement class and approximately (50) people for a screening. The room is well suited for movement, theater rehearsal, dance rehearsal, yoga, small lectures and movie screenings. In general, classes offered by hourly studio renters should not compete with Waterfall Arts’ programming.

Rental Rate:

Rental is at an hourly rate of $17 per hour, $60 for 4 hours and $110 for 8 hours. The Drawing and Painting Classroom may be rented for $150 for the full day. Full Day hours are from 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. 



Fallout Shelter:

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The Basement space aka The Fallout Shelter is approximately 1,424 sq. ft. with the main area being 18’ x 32’. The Fallout shelter includes a full kitchen, lounge area, and stage. Stage lighting and sound is also available to use at an additional cost. 

Seating towards the stage:  At maximum use of the main space, 60-70 folding chairs could comfortably be arranged with a center aisle. (7 seats for 5 rows, then 8 seats for 3 rows.) 

The space can hold up to 150 people. 

Rental Rate:

Rental is at an hourly rate of $25 per hour, $90 for 4 Hours, or $170 for 8 Hours


Short Term Rental Inquiry

Inquiry submission for one of our short term rental spaces.