Meet our new intern: Anna Mahanor

We are excited to welcome our new Digital Storytelling Intern Anna Mahanor. Anna will be working alongside Marketing and Development Manager, Chris Battaglia–and she’ll be reporting remotely! The restrictions of a closed-to-the-public building and the new channels of working-from-home opened up the opportunity for us to respond to this swiftly and creatively. Working with Dennis Gilbert at University of Southern Maine, we have piloted the idea of a remote internship to accommodate the student, university, and organizational needs alike. Stay tuned on our blog, website, and on social media channels to see what Anna brings to the table. But first, a little bit about her: 

I am 22 years old and a senior at USM; I have been working towards a BA in Media Studies with a concentration in audio production. During my time at USM, I volunteered with a nonprofit recording studio in Portland called Prism Analog. While there I learned that working alongside other creatives encourages growth, which is why I am thrilled to be a part of Waterfall Arts! 

Outside of school, I work at Flatbread Company as a baker and cook. I like to stay busy, so in my free time I like to produce music, skateboard, hike, ski, draw, or hang out with my dog Harley. 

Why storytelling and audio production? How did you land on that for your studies? When I was younger I dreamed of scoring films, so I suppose I have always been interested in storytelling and audio production. However, I didn’t transfer into the audio production field until 2019. I was originally going to school for psychology at University of Maine at Machias and playing soccer, I decided to transfer after seeing some of the different programs at USM!

Who/what are some of your biggest influences? I would have to say some of my biggest influences would have to be my friends and community that I have grown up in! While I have a lot of artists that inspire me, it is even more fun to watch your friends create amazing art or music!

What’s your connection to, or interest in, the environment and natural world? I grew up parading around the woods with my two older brothers, creating fairy houses, hiking, skiing, and climbing trees! I have always been connected to the nature around me, so living in Portland can be a little draining. However, it has made me appreciate rural areas a lot more and inspired an interest in finding alternative ways to live environmentally consciously.

What are you most excited about at the prospect of working with Waterfall Arts? I’m excited to be a part of another non-profit organization, but I am ecstatic to be a part of Waterfall Arts mission! Art can heal, promote growth, and encourage a healthy relationship with the natural world around us by inciting mindfulness; so I am excited to learn from the staff who want to share this message!

What other artists should we check out? Shakey Graves is an awesome musician, especially his song “Late July”! As for local artists, I would suggest checking out Marty Reynolds (an artist from Portland) and YardDog (a band out of Orono)!

Check out Anna’s website, listen to her music and podcast, and get excited for what’s to come!

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