Meet our new Board Chair – Karin

Written by Deanne Dutton.

Waterfall Arts would be nowhere if not for the constant help from our hard-working volunteers. As an art center, with a limited paid staff of 5, we rely on our volunteers for our day to day operations. There is one such volunteer that I would like to talk about. Her name is Karin.


Karin is our newly appointed Board president and a rock star volunteer! Karin devotes a lot of her own time helping us out with programming, exhibits, studios, our Farmers Market table, social media, and just about everything else you can think of. She got her start here sitting in our gallery, but she is now here just as much as our paid staff members! Her knowledge of business practices and HR experience have been a great asset to us, as well as, her art training in various art forms like ceramics and printmaking.

Karin has always been an artist. In fact, she doesn’t remember a time in her life when she wasn’t making or thinking about art. Both of her parents and grandparents appreciate and make art, which made for a very artistic upbringing. She mainly does printmaking nowadays, but she would like to get into some metal work. As she told me, “I’m currently envisioning some metal and print marriages.”

Karin enjoys coming to work here because of the team, the community, and the art. And we love having her here! She’s very sweet too. When asked what she would like to have for a superpower she said, “The power to give people super powers.” She’s definitely a keeper!

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