Everyone should be able to make and experience art.

Waterfall Arts is a community-driven nonprofit organization committed to ensuring everyone has equitable opportunities to participate in our various programs, workshops and events.

Flexible Pricing Model

We recognize that families have different abilities to pay. Waterfall Arts offers fee options within the Flexible Pricing Model.  These options allow families to choose the amount that works best for them, while assisting us to keep our program fees accessible. We encourage registrants to choose the fee that is most appropriate for their family.

Families have an opportunity to pay it forward, if they are financially able, which in turn assists in increasing the number of families who can participate. A very big thank you to the generosity of our funders, sponsors, and families who have contributed more! 

Just as everybody’s financial situation is unique, so is the program fee choice that will feel right for your family. Your Flexible Pricing choice is always kept confidential and does not affect the quality of your experience. Additional financial aid is available.

To the extent that we can hope to address the systemic inequalities of class in our culture, the flexible pricing model represents the idea that financial resources, including income, are not and should not be the only determining factor in whether or not someone can access our programming.

Some of the things that we do to remove barriers to participation are:

  • offering events for free or by donation
  • pricing our classes at a sliding scale
  • offering non-profit discounts for room rentals
  • offering need-based financial aid upon request
  • offering free Art Market vendor spaces in 2021

Our Campus

In terms of our physical location and building, our Galleries are accessible to all. Our plans for the future–made possible through the Waterfall Rising Capital Campaign–include installation of ADA compliant restrooms and elevator. 

Help keep our programs accessible.

We meet community needs through our various program offerings and opportunities.

Waterfall Arts COVID-19 Update

Until further notice, Waterfall Arts requires that all guests and artists registering for our classes and workshops are fully vaccinated for COVID-19 or present a negative COVID-19 test (within 24-hours before class). A digital or physical copy of your vaccine card or test result can be presented at the door at the time of the class or emailed directly to our programming director prior to class start.

Masks are encouraged when social distancing is not possible. 

** For youth programs, we ask for proof of vaccination (or negative COVID-19 test) of the household adults. If your child is vaccinated, you may submit the child’s COVID-19 vaccination information, instead.**