“In This Place” feat. Sara Trunzo

Location: Penobscot Bay / Belfast, Maine

Recorded on: October 9, 2020

Waterfall Arts presents “In This Place,” a new project to highlight members of our community through live performance. This installment features four songs, written and performed by Waldo County’s own Sara Trunzo. Trunzo is releasing an EP this winter called Cabin Fever Dream, and performs some of the EP and older songs here aboard the Kittiwake in Belfast Bay.

Track list:

“Nashville Time”

“Fish and Time to Kill”


“Boat to Jewell”

Original music: Sara Trunzo

Directing, filming, audio recording, mixing, and editing: Chris Battaglia

Producing and boom operating: Amy Tingle

Do you like what you see and are interested in participating? Do you have video editing you can volunteer and want to collaborate to help produce these videos? Please reach out to chris@waterfallarts.org to discuss your performance idea. Thank you in advance for your interest.

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