HiLo Art Ghost Ship Series: Episode 2 – Alan Fishman

In our second episode of the Ghost Ship series, we get a glimpse into the studio of Belfast, ME artist Alan Fishman. Fishman had his show, “Captured Moments” at the Maine Jewish Museum open on March 8, 2020 – but closed shortly thereafter. The Alans discuss Fishman’s time and work aboard cruise ships, work from the show, and more.

Al Crichton, artist and writer, is taking the HiLo Art Column digital. We’re going to visit artists in their studios and talk about what they do – and why. We will begin with artists whose shows had to be canceled or quarantined because of the freakin’ virus – join us!

Featuring: Alan Fishman (https://www.alanfishmanstudio.com/)

Host: Alan Crichton

Editing: Chris Battaglia (http://chrisbattaglia.info/)

Theme: Music by Jeff Densmore

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