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Our organization thrives on volunteer power, strong leadership, teaching artists, and collaborators in the community.



Job Openings: Marketing Manager




Studio/Workshop Instructors

Interested in teaching at Waterfall Arts? We are looking for instructors in all four of our public access studios: glass, print, clay, and photography. Facilitators are responsible for planning, organizing and implementing a workshop that guides and encourages students in the proposed medium. Have another idea? We have 3 rentable spaces where you can teach a variety of mediums—painting, drawing, fiber arts, jewelry work, and more. We welcome applicants who believe in the crucial role that visual art plays in our society and who want to help us build our creative community. Pay rate starts at $25 per hour based on experience.



The Life Drawing group at Waterfall Arts is the longest running group of its kind in the Midcoast area, begun over a decade ago. Models are different each week. The atmosphere is relaxed, supportive, and respectful. Interested in modeling?


Interested in exhibiting your work in the Clifford Gallery? Our year-round exhibition space is curated by our Program Director and a Program Committee. Please send a proposal* along with a CV and images of your work to Amy Tingle at

*Proposals might include the following: what is the physical work? Include medium(s), general theme, size, and scale; a concept of what the work communicates or gives to the viewer; influences or inspirations; the importance of your method or techniques; any special installation needs. 

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Interested in modeling?

Waterfall Arts pays its models $50 for a two-and-a-half hour session. Get on our list!

Waterfall Arts COVID-19 Update

Following CDC recommendations and guidelines, Waterfall Arts will no longer require masking, proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID test for patrons, students, or visitors to attend classes, openings or any events at the Waterfall Arts building