Finding Community at Waterfall Arts


Volunteers Anne-Marie and Bob.

In late 2013, when we decided to leave the New York metro area and move to Maine, we had never been to Belfast. Once we headed up the coast and discovered the town the following year, a brochure for Waterfall Arts got our attention. From that moment we knew that this was the place to begin our next chapter. After settling into our new home last summer, I became a volunteer.

I had been serious about making art as a BFA student and beyond, but found myself in a career promoting the arts while raising our family. I hadn’t picked up a paintbrush in years. While I’ve been a gallery attendant, Bob’s skills in market research and his nonprofit management experience proved to be useful to WA’s board as part of a recent retreat.

The Belfast area’s community of artists, and Waterfall Arts in particular, welcomes newcomers like us to contribute to the development of the local creative economy. In addition, we have multiple opportunities to discover what a lifetime of experiences can contribute to our future artistic efforts. This Spring we took Drawing 101 with Mike Fletcher and I’ve tried printmaking and still life painting. We’ve even exhibited — Bob had work in the open call photography show and I showed an aquatint.

Through volunteering, taking classes, and attending programs and events, we have quickly widened our circle of new friends in this special community. We look forward to continuing to develop our nascent talents and to encouraging others to “feel the power of art.”


Artwork by Anne-Marie


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