Artist Residencies

2024 Artists in Residence

Jason McDonald - April (Glassworks)

“I have a real passion for teaching. I think of it in the same way that I think of glassblowing. It is a craft that I can improve on with every repetition. I firmly believe that everything I know, someone had to show me. It’s my duty to share what has been so generously shared with me. The whole field improves when people share what they know. I also think that as a Black man specializing in stemware in a field with so little diversity that my interest in being at the front of a classroom is a significant artistic and political gesture. Representation matters and being public with my passion, I hope, will inspire people into the field who might never have thought something like this was for them. —Jason McDonald

In the Press:

The Republican Journal, March 25, 2024

2023 Artists in Residence

Josh Bernbaum - August (Glassworks)

“I am most interested in color, especially color relationships in the works I create in blown glass. Utilizing traditional Italian cane (or striping) techniques in new and personalized ways is the driving force behind most of my current designs. I consider the pieces I make to be documents along the way of a (hopefully) life-long journey of both refining the necessary skills and developing the patience one needs in order to create with this captivating and mesmerizing molten material.” —Josh Bernbaum

Josh was in residence at Waterfall Glassworks August 25 – 27, 2023 for a sold-out 3-day glassblowing intensive.

Learn to work with cane and murrini in this weekend workshop. Participants were working with the pastorelli, kiln-plate preparation for pick-ups, learning how to make a collar, and following Josh’s instruction and demonstrations to learn the intricacies of these complex and satisfying design techniques.

Alex Rosenberg - May (Glassworks)

Alex was our artist in residence at Waterfall Glassworks for a sold-out 2-day class titled “Next Steps” which emphasized the importance of building upon positive habits and solid hand skills in order to build a strong foundation, the key to developing thoughtful and technically refined pieces in the hot shop. Students focused on gathering, wall thickness, speed, ergonomics, and heat in order to create well designed and elegant vessels.

Alexander Rosenberg is a Philadelphia-based artist, educator, and writer. He earned a Master of Science in Visual Studies from MIT and a BFA in glass from Rhode Island School of Design. He is the recipient of the 2020 Proctor fellowship, the 2012 International Glass Prize, and an Awesome Foundation Grant. He was a founding member of Hyperopia Projects (2010 – 2018), headed the glass program at University of the Arts (2010 – 2017), and was an artist member of Vox Populi Gallery (2012 – 2015). He was cast on the Netflix Series, Blown Away in 2018 and teaches at Salem Community College. He is currently the Glass Studio Director at Wheaton Arts.

2022 Artist in Residence

Pippin Frisbie-Calder (Kennedy Press)

Multidisciplinary artist Pippin Frisbie-Calder spent September 2022 with Waterfall Arts, making art within the framework of her printmaking and studio-based practice, as well as engaging students from Belfast Community Outreach Program in Education (BCOPE) to explore climate change by selecting a locally threatened or extinct species and creating their own unique art projects.

The residency also provided the artist with space and time to create artwork for a traveling exhibition titled Welcome to Egg Rock. Pippin designed, carved, printed and exhibited thousands of puffins in the spring/summer of 2023 offered an artist talk to engage participants in concepts of stewardship, human culpability, and climate change.

Pippin’s work seeks to investigate ecosystems and demystify scientific outcomes. By working with biologists and ornithologists, her printmaking explores issues of climate change, extinction, and humanity’s complicated relationship with nature.



Amy Tingle

Program Director


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