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Bridge is an afterschool club where members connect to themselves, each other, and the community through art. No special “talent” needed – Bridge is a non-judgmental zone where kids can be themselves, try new things, and develop skills. Bridge members learn leadership skills while engaging in art-based community service, too. Bridge requires a commitment to show up every Wednesday possible for a semester. That may not be possible if in athletic or theatre programs. Some students choose Bridge for the first semester and decide whether to try something different for the new year. 

Bridge members are invited to volunteer at public art events, which often fall on the weekend. 

Students are brought to Waterfall Arts by bus from Troy Howard Middle School. Rides may be available for students who need transportation home afterwards. Healthy snacks are provided.

Email bridget@waterfallarts.org to enter the lottery for a spot in Bridge ASAP.

Because some parents were not able to learn about Bridge at orientation, we are *not* taking members first-come, first-served. Here’s how it works:

  • We will randomly select 10 registrants and contact those chosen on Thurs. Sept 8. We will email all on the list.
  • We will keep all names on a waitlist.
  • We suggest signing up for our newsletter for other ways your kid can get creative at Waterfall Arts!