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In early October, Waterfall Arts will open a fully equipped photographic darkroom.

For those of you wondering, a darkroom is the traditional working space for the photographic arts where film is processed in the total absence of light and the resultant prints are created under a red (orange) “safe” light.

Thanks to the generosity of several local photographers the facility will provide both black and white and color capabilities. In an era where digital processes have quickly usurped the role of conventional photo techniques there is still much to be said for the experience and educational value of analog photography.

The space will be furnished with all necessary materials to process and print black and white photographs in 35mm, 2 ¼ , and 4×5 format. There are four enlargers including one color enlarger. For those wishing to work in color there is an assortment of drum processors to accomplish this end. The darkroom is fully ventilated and will feature a silver reclamation unit to help protect the environment.

Access to the darkroom will be available on an hourly basis as well as by a monthly subscription, which will offer unlimited access for a monthly fee. The first class using the new facility will begin on October 19th as a basic introduction to black and white photography  and will provide interested individuals with the experience necessary to work in the darkroom on their own. The creation of this space will be a wonderful addition to Waterfall Arts, which now boasts a fully equipped printmaking studio and clay room.

Blog written by Mike Fletcher.



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