The Drop Podcast

The Drop is the latest storytelling project–and first podcast–from Waterfall Arts.

Hosts and Waterfall Arts staffers Chris Battaglia and Amy Tingle are excited to collaborate with in-house Belfast Community Radio (from their well-outfitted production studios in the basement of our building) to produce a Maine arts podcast.

Our goal is to bring you compelling individuals, conversations, and stories every couple of weeks, mapping the beauty in our community (near and everywhere).

In the spirit of collaboration and making this project as accessible as possible, we got together with local artist Isabelle Gelot to publish a companion zine with each episode. Print is not dead!

Subscribe wherever you get your podcasts, listen right here, and be sure to rate and share with your networks. We’re just a “drop in the bucket” in a world of audio/radio programs, but what if a Drop was just enough to make an impact?

Listen to Podcast:
Companion Zine:

We made a companion zine to go with the podcast episode. Click here to learn how to fold a simple zine!

Issue 01 – Karen Olson (Download)

Issue 02 – Sigrid Coffin (Download)

Issue 03 – Barbara Sullivan (Download)

Issue 04 – Al Crichton (Download)


Amy Tingle
Program Director

207-338-2222 ext.108

“I think now when I get that queasy feeling, I realize that I'm on the verge of a breakthrough. So I have to just keep moving forward.”