Darkroom Photography

The darkroom at Waterfall Arts has been one of Belfast’s best kept secrets. No more! Come and make use of this fully outfitted, multi-use space for those working in analog photography. Here you can develop black and white film and print 35mm to 4×5 negatives on one of our four enlargers. We also have a jobo for color film development, a UV box, contact frames, trays galore, film tanks, racks, etc.


Open Studio Hours: Wednesdays, 10 AM – 5 PM


Some chemistry is provided for purchase during open studio hours. Silver recovery is available to every user at no charge. All alternative process chemistry requires prior authorization from staff before use in the darkroom.

Drop-In Rates: The studios at Waterfall Arts all have weekly open studio hours. Open studio fees are $15 per sessions. Sessions run in 3-hour segments. The Open Studio fee is the same for all or some of the 3-hour session. Open Studio hours are subject to change on a quarterly basis.  It is best to confirm hours before coming to the studio.  To check studio hours email us at info@waterfallarts or call us at 207-338-2222.

Subscriptions:  Artists can apply to have 24/7 (other than class time) access to the studios at Waterfall Arts. Cost-saving subscription rates are available for $50/month plus a one time $50 refundable key deposit. Application approval and an orientation session are required.

Studio Orientations: Studio orientations include a comprehensive review of the studio space, equipment and available resources. Subscribers and those interested in drop-in during open studio hours are recommended to attend a monthly session. Monthly orientations are scheduled in all studios the 3rd Wednesday of the month 5:30-7:30. Registration required.  Register for an upcoming orientation below.

Heads up! Open studio times are monitored by skilled volunteers who are there to assist but not teach.  Thank you Waterfall Arts volunteers! If you don’t feel confident working self sufficiently in this space, consider taking one of our classes, or signing up for our monthly orientations (link to orientation registration form). Open Studio monitors may close the studio after the first hour if there are no participants. Registration is advised but not necessary


Studio orientations occur the 3rd Wednesday of the month. Register by filling out the form below or calling the office at (207) 338-2222. Space is limited at studio orientations – Enroll early to ensure a spot! 

NOTE: You will receive confirmation when you have successfully submitted the registration form. Your registration is not complete until payment has been received. Please try to register no later than one week prior to the orientation.

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  • Let us know which orientation you would like to attend by choosing a studio from the drop-down menu below.

  • Monthly orientations are scheduled in all studios the 3rd Wednesday of the month 5:30-7:30. Please let us know what month you would like to attend.

  • You have the option of of adding an annual membership to your purchase. Visit waterfallarts.org/membership to read more.

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  • If your form is successfully submitted, you will receive a confirmation note. If you do not receive confirmation or have questions about your registration, feel free to call the office at (207) 338-2222 or email info@waterfallarts.org.