Creative Connections

Our “Creative Connections” programs assist organizations and schools working with low income families who could use more arts enrichment. We believe those who would most benefit from the proven effects of the arts are often the least likely and least able to access them. Rural Mainers in particular may not be familiar enough with art enrichment to be aware of what the payoffs are. Our Kids and Families Outreach Manager, Bridget Matros is passionate about equipping all adults with the tools needed to protect and nurture the creative development of every young child. For her explanation of why this is critical for the next generation of citizens, view her brief talk on the subject here.

The free programs Waterfall Arts provides teach adults working with young children what creativity *really* means – what it looks like, what its role is in learning and how developing the skills that go along with it are key to thriving in adversity. Parents and teachers are then given very simple and specific methods to foster creativity at home and in the classroom. To learn more about the aptitudes developed through artmaking at any age, click here.

Bridget travels throughout the county and the state to provide early childhood staff trainings in creative development. She also works in partnership with Waldo County Action Partners Head Start Programs, visiting their Pre-K classrooms, talking to parent groups, and holding special family art nights as far as Winterport and Unity. 

During the pandemic, Bridget had a “virtual” Art Together Morning with 13 Head Start families over Zoom. Each family was provided with a kit of materials and printed resources for parents. These preschoolers’ siblings were happy to get involved making “texture collages”, and parents were extremely receptive to “coaching” from Bridget on use of supportive language while and after artists worked! 

All had such a great time that an ongoing program, The Crayon Club, is hopefully on the horizon.

All images below taken prior to March 2020.

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