Blog: Behind the Waterfall

From the Archives: “The Troll’s Remorse”

From the Archives: “The Troll’s Remorse” July, 2002 Memories, courtesy of Al Crichton, artist, writer, and Co-founder of Waterfall Arts: This image depicts the audience for “The Troll’s Remorse,” a duo dance using the natural Kingdom waterfall in Montville. Dylan Newcomb, Lisa’s son – and at the time an award-winning dancer, choreographer, and composer living in the Netherlands – danced with Jennifer Hanna using the pool below the falls as the set. We hid two huge speakers In the woods on either side of the falls to broadcast Dylan’s music for the dance. (Super long & fat extension cords!) The…
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Separate, Together: Making Lemonade, Pt. 1

Just over a month ago, I joined Waterfall Arts as the Marketing and Development Manager.  After nearly a decade of creative work and living in (and escaping from) big cities, my wife and I found ourselves in Belfast after a seemingly-perennial search for the small town in which we wanted to make a life.

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Separate, Together: YIKES! + HiLo

In our second installment of art from afar, we see some scintillating fiber work in response to Camus and the coronavirus; some new musings of an “Art Whisperer.”

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