Blog: Behind the Waterfall

Separate, Together: YIKES! + HiLo

In our second installment of art from afar, we see some scintillating fiber work in response to Camus and the coronavirus; some new musings of an “Art Whisperer.”

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Meg Fournier

Farewell and Good Luck, Meg!

It is with a mixture of sadness and appreciation that Waterfall Arts announces the departure of our Program Director, Meg Fournier…

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portrait of Chris Battaglia in straw hat with purple bandana


AN INTERVIEW WITH CHRIS BATTAGLIA, FROM THE VILLAGE CANOE Chris Battaglia co-curated CONFLUENCE: Visual Stories from the Village Canoe Project, up in Waterfall Arts Corridor Gallery through November 15.  Artists paddling the 31’ canoe (built by Mike Maybury) in early morning on Penobscot Bay. Photo: Brian Wasser   Who are you? What a question! I am someone constantly in a search for meaning. This often leaves me curious for new knowledge, skills, and experiences—endlessly distracted by the “who” and “what” that come before and after me. I am someone born and raised in Los Angeles, schooled in Boston, lived in…
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The Artists of “GALLERY CLOSED”

THE ARTISTS OF “GALLERY CLOSED” What happens when a beloved community arts organization gets replaced, subsumed, or usurped by quasi-art entities whose goals, motivations, and methodologies are opaque, and suspect at best? Such is the question brought forth by artist/curator Kenny Cole in the four-artist exhibition, “GALLERY CLOSED”, opening July 26th, featuring Kenny Cole, Geoff Hargadon, Paula Lalala, and Brian Reeves. This blog post is part of our ongoing series interviewing the phenomenal artists who show their work in our galleries. The artists of “GALLERY CLOSED”: Geoff Hargadon, Brian Reeves, Kenny Cole, and Paula Lalalala   WHO ARE YOU? Artist/Curator…
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PRESS RELEASE: Waterfall Arts Announces $420,000 EPA Grant to Revitalize Governor Anderson School

Release Date: June 14, 2019 Waterfall Arts, an active and vibrant community arts organization in Belfast, Maine, moves towards a sustainable future with the announcement of selection by the Environmental Protection Agency for one of 108 Opportunity Zone grants. This funding, with $350,000 from EPA and a $70,000 match from Waterfall Arts, will help clean up and revitalize the 84-year-old former Governor Anderson School building that houses Waterfall Arts and make energy-efficient improvements that will move the building toward a net zero facility. Part of the EPA Brownfields program, this grant will allow Waterfall Arts to perform additional improvements in…
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BEYOND THE O HORIZON: HILARY IRONS AND JARID DEL DEO Have you checked out our O HORIZON exhibit in the Clifford Gallery? It’s on now through July 19. Curated by painter Hilary Irons, the show features work by Hilary Irons and Jarid del Deo, the two artists featured in this blog post. Who are you? Hilary: I am a painter; I am also a teacher and a curator. Jarid: I am a thing that tries to live slowly and deliberately.                   How did you get into art? Hilary:  I studied traditional academic…
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What is good art?

Quality in art does exist, but it seems to be such a malleable thing, so based in opinion, education, experience, taste. There is representation, abstraction, eco-art, the avant-garde, illustration, outsider art, visionary art, truly hip art, snooty hip art, bad art that is hip for being bad, and bad art that is truly horrible. These, with many another quality and style, are all on the spectrum of good to bad in art. There is also the question, “What is great art?” Is good art also great art? Does famous equal great? Is every artist who is great, also famous, or…
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Open Call 2017 – Home

HOME is the theme of our 2017 Open Call Exhibit   Waterfall Arts invites artists and all members of the public to submit art for the 2017 annual Open Call show that will be on view from April 7 – May 12, 2017.  This year’s theme for the Open Call show, in conjunction with this year’s overall theme of “Place and Belonging”, is “Home.” Individuals are asked to reflect on what home means to them.  Is home a physical space, warm and cozy or is it a place of conflict and tension, or something in between? For you is home…
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Open Art Room

We have many wonderful things happening within the building here at Waterfall Arts and one of them is the Open Art Room. This program is not one of Waterfall Art’s own programs, but it is one that we are happy to house. The Open Art Room or O.A.R. is led by Julie Rose and is a great addition to our arts community. We have asked Julie to say a few words about the program, which she has done so below. – Deanne Dutton, Office Manager              The idea for Open Art Room originated with Belfast…
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Interview with Bridget Matros

Bridget Matros is the Youth and Family Outreach Coordinator here at Waterfall Arts and we are very lucky to have her. She was kind enough to answer a few questions about herself and her answers are listed below. Where did you get your start in art? Preschool probably. The giant easels, super long brushes, daddy’s-shirt smocks, and intoxicating powdered tempera. My dad was artistic and a creator/builder of everything, so my first memories were of toys and tools, sawdust and crayons. “We” built our first house from a chicken coop on a forgotten acre in Pennsylvania to a big ranch…
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Enter The Darkroom

                                                   In early October, Waterfall Arts will open a fully equipped photographic darkroom. For those of you wondering, a darkroom is the traditional working space for the photographic arts where film is processed in the total absence of light and the resultant prints are created under a red (orange) “safe” light. Thanks to the generosity of several local photographers the facility will provide both black and white and color capabilities. In an era where digital processes…
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