Is home a desire or a nostalgia? …a nostalgia of an abundant memory….

On Friday, June 16 from 11:00AM-8:00PM, Waterfall Arts will host NO ONE HOME, a new participatory work by performance artist Ali Asgar.

NO ONE HOME is a pop-up interactive performance piece initiated by visiting Bangladeshi artist Ali Asgar. Participants are invited to sign up for a 10 minute one-on-one appointment with the artist who will be present, interacting with visitors, throughout the entire day. In this most recent work, Asgar questions the ways we belong with our human bodies, how we connect with others, and more importantly, how we define and redefine ourselves.  Through conversation and spontaneous interactive response, Asgar and audience members will work to identify their territory and body connectivity. NO ONE HOME is an invitation to meet our own unknown.

If you are interested in signing up for a NO ONE HOME appointment, view the schedule here and fill out the form below to request a time.

Waterfall Arts is delighted to introduce Ali Asgar, a Bangladeshi artist and cultural observer, to the Belfast community.  Asgar, who chooses nonbinary gender self-identification, uses their own body and self-imagery as a rudimentary element to walking the line between reality and the artifice of self-analysis. Works often reflect upon their personal struggle with the conservative Bangladeshi attitude towards members of LGBTQ communities. Asgar is currently in the United States as an Artist Protection Fund Fellow in residence at the University of Maine, continuing politically-inspired projects that emphasize trauma, dislocation, isolation, body politics, and queer identity. With a BFA in Printmaking from the Faculty of Fine Arts from the University of Dhaka, Asgar has participated in major exhibitions around the world, including the Dhaka Art Summit, Asian Art Biennale, Kolkata International Performance Festival, and many more. Their work has been exhibited and showcased recently in India, New York, Boston, Chicago and Portland, Maine, in addition to Bangladesh. Earlier this year, Asgar was one of the leading speakers and a featured artist at the PEN World Voice Festival in New York City.

After the NO ONE HOME performance, Waterfall Arts will be hosting Ali Asgar as an artist-in-residence in the Waterfall Arts Print Studio from June 17 to 22. Artists are invited to work in the studio alongside Asgar during open studio hours that week: Tuesday and Wednesday from 2:00-5:00PM.  A public informal artist talk is scheduled for June 22 at 5:00PM. During their Print Studio residency, Asgar will be working in both lithograph and relief print techniques to create work that will be shown in Waterfall Arts’ Fall 2017 exhibition, ARRIVAL.


To sign up for a 10 minute appointment with Ali Asgar during the NO ONE HOME performance, view the schedule here and please fill out the form below. If you have any questions, feel free to call the office at (207) 899-9308 or email