Our response to COVID-19

Public health and your personal safety is our top priority. 

Waterfall Arts will resume programs in-person during the summer of 2021. Many of our programs will be held outdoors and physically-distanced. When programs take place indoors, we will keep windows open if possible, and we will provide high quality air filtration and purification. If materials are provided for any program, they will be prepared at least two days in advance and packaged in individual materials kits for each participant.

For programs that take pre-registrations online, students will receive advance notice of any materials they are encouraged to bring to the program, for their own use. All programs are being designed such that participants can maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from one another and from the teacher, at all times – whether seated or in movement. 

Masks are required for all in-person Waterfall Arts programs.

For programs held outside at Waterfall Arts: Open-sided tents will be set up on the lawn to help provide protection from sun and rain. Participants are encouraged to bring their own umbrellas, large hats, or other forms of sun protection. When used, public tables and chairs will be wiped down and sanitized before and after the run of the program.

Building access will be provided for participants who need to use the restroom or refill their water bottles (with our no-touch cold water dispenser). Wearing a mask is required when inside the Waterfall Arts building, and hand sanitizer is available in the building as well.


Chris Battaglia

Marketing and Development Manager

207-338-2222 ext.105