Our current response to COVID-19

Please note exceptions to this policy:

  • Some artists, teachers or event coordinators may still require masking, proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID test. Waterfall Arts respects those requests and we will post notifications on a case-by-case basis. When signing up for a class or an event, please check specific COVID policies for that particular class or event.
  • Should the state of Maine, Belfast municipality or the CDC change their policies in response to an increase or a decrease in COVID infection rates, Waterfall Arts reserves the right to change our COVID policy—including the reinstatement of vaccination and test requirements and/or wearing masks.


This new policy takes effect on August 22, 2022.



Katherine Devereux

Marketing Manager

207-338-2222 ext.105


Waterfall Arts COVID-19 Update

Following CDC recommendations and guidelines, Waterfall Arts will no longer require masking, proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID test for patrons, students, or visitors to attend classes, openings or any events at the Waterfall Arts building