Elementor #24535

‘Here Is Magic’ Mural Map with Artist Info Scroll down to learn more about the mural project and participating artists. This modular 33-panel mural design, using a hive of hexagons,

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A Celebration of Local Creativity and International Connection  Waterfall Arts is thrilled to host a double exhibition this fall : ‘HOMEGROWN: DENIZEN EXHIBITION’ and ‘SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED: AN INTERNATIONAL MAIL

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An Invitation to Play

What was formally called “The Hive,” now “Community Art Time,” nurtures space for community development and creative play time for adults.

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Waterfall Arts COVID-19 Update

Following CDC recommendations and guidelines, Waterfall Arts will no longer require masking, proof of vaccination, or a negative COVID test for patrons, students, or visitors to attend classes, openings or any events at the Waterfall Arts building