Our History

The beginnings of the organization started in the woods alongside–you guessed it–these waterfalls.

As sometimes happens with beginnings, a lucky combination of people, place, need and opportunity just seem to connect at the right time, and a new community energy is born.

For Waterfall Arts, this phenomenon happened in 2000, when a small group of local artists gathered to share their affection for the two converging streams, ponds and waterfalls of the Kingdom neighborhood of Montville. The Kingdom‘s history includes a million year old natural falls as well as two man-made falls at the breast of two ponds. The falls have been a source of many kinds of creative energy for ages. The steady energy of flowing water constantly calls people to contemplation and renewal, invention and industry, and, finally, the power of the arts in a community. This connection of natural and human history is at the heart of the Waterfall Arts’ story, purpose and mission: To create community in harmony with nature through the transformative power of the arts.

Our founding group shared goals for the future: to create aesthetic experiences that enhance and inspire people’s creative abilities and transform their lives. An equally important goal was to reach people who had not had such opportunities before.

In 2006, Waterfall Arts moved to Belfast’s iconic, 80-year- old Gov. Anderson School where we are now celebrating our first decade as “Waldo County’s year-round community arts center with a global appeal.”

Over sixteen years, the founders, board and staff have developed hundreds of activities for thousands of visitors and participants: arts exhibits, music and dance concerts, education in all creative media, exciting events that support and nurture artists, farmers, life-long learners and the economy; all with the intention to increase ability, expand awareness, and strengthen community.

This Waterfall has flowed fast and true for ten years in Belfast. Watch now as it begins to rise!

In a world of flimflammery and hypocricy, Waterfall Arts helps build a culture of honesty, imagination, joy and community.

-Robert Shetterly

Through innovative architecture and engineering and a Capital Campaign, we are readying both our building and organization for the next century by conserving and producing as much energy as we consume, expanding our capacity for exhibitions, performance, education, new media, and economic vitality. Our historic building will become a landmark environmental destination as well as a contemporary source for area arts, education and culture.

Propel our organization another 20 years.