'Here Is Magic' Mural Map with Artist Info

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This modular 33-panel mural design, using a hive of hexagons, is a mark of respect for both the individuality of our community members and the power of collaboration in Maine.

The boundary of each individual piece, the hexagonal shape, is not just designed for maximum flow across the brick building, but speaks to a deeper significance embodying the warm embrace, the “home” found through creative expression and community gratitude—both its human members and the greater ecology surrounding us.

“One of the most engaging roles of public art today is to enliven or reinterpret public spaces like Waterfall Arts. Our project ‘Here Is Magic’ was created in order to allow artists a chance to be seen and heard outside of the gallery system, educating them about the creation of Public Art, while also establishing the newly renovated building as a beacon for the Arts and Culture of the region.” — Peter Walls, Public Art Liaison, ‘Here Is Magic’ project co-coordinator, and participating artist

This project would not have been possible without the generous support of the Lesher Family Foundation, Viking Lumber, Charlie Ulmscneider of Belfast CNC, and Stanley Subaru.

Learn more about the project and media coverage here.

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