A Celebration of Local Creativity and International Connection

 Waterfall Arts is thrilled to host a double exhibition this fall : ‘HOMEGROWN: DENIZEN EXHIBITION’ and ‘SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED: AN INTERNATIONAL MAIL ART EXHIBITION.’ 

These two exhibitions are on view until December, 2, 2023, and showcase the power of local creativity and the global connections forged through art. Waterfall Arts continues to be a beacon of artistic expression, fostering community and celebrating the diverse voices within the creative community.

These exhibitions are free and open to the public.

ABOUT ‘HOMEGROWN: DENIZEN EXHIBITION’: After a three-year hiatus, the Denizen Show returns to Waterfall Arts in all its glory. But what is a denizen, you ask? A denizen is an inhabitant or occupant of a particular place. In the world of Waterfall Arts, a Denizen represents a vibrant and diverse community, including volunteers, private studio artists, teachers, public studio monitors, studio subscribers, podcast guests, artists in residence, staff members, and board members.

The Denizen Exhibition is a showcase of the remarkable work created since 2020 — the last time we gathered for this extraordinary event. This exhibition is a testament to the rich creativity that thrives within our community.

ABOUT ‘SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED: AN INTERNATIONAL MAIL ART EXHIBITION’: Mail art is a captivating form of artistic expression that involves sending art through the postal system, often with the intention that it will traverse the world via mail. The medium includes painting, drawing, collage, photography, and writing, with additional layers added by the use of stamps, addressing, and postal marks.

This unique form of art offers a fresh physical connection between individuals, places, and ideas, as the art pieces journey through the postal service. The artwork in this exhibition is displayed in our Corridor Gallery, with the collection growing as entries continue to arrive.

Our aim with ‘SIGNED, SEALED, DELIVERED’ is to create a truly inclusive community show where everyone can participate, regardless of their artistic background or experience. We wholeheartedly welcome and celebrate individuals of all ages, creative abilities, and cultural experiences.