When Art Found Me: Bridget Matros

“When Art Found Me” is a series of human interest pieces that Waterfall Arts is piloting, in an effort to focus on the people in our circle, so that you may get to know us a little bit better. Starting with our staff and expanding the circle outward, we ask folks to respond to the prompt: Tell us a story of when art found you.

Next upKids and Families Program Manager, Bridget Matros

“I came back to visual art when I was living in Boston and starting up a career as a singer-songwriter. I got chronic GERD (acid reflux) and lost my voice entirely. Voice therapy and imaging revealed I’d done damage to my vocal chords and I had to put that expressive outlet and identity aside.

I embarked on The Artist’s Way course (by Julia Cameron) and by the end of 2008 was showing and selling my artwork, truly working and identifying as an artist. I miss those times!”

Bridget Matros with artist Ruth Segaloff

Did Bridget’s story spark something inside of you? Tell us a story of when art found you. Email us and share an image with your story from that moment in time. Help us expand our circle even wider than before.


Waterfall Arts COVID-19 Update

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