A woman wearing bright colors and kneeling on the pavement is using chalk to paint a portrait on the ground. She is smiling and kneeling on a foam pad while she draws in a large grid the beginnings of a face.
All Ages Art Happening: Chalk Walk 2017. Photo: Bridget Matros

Waterfall Arts continues the Belfast Chalk Walk tradition

Waterfall Arts continues the Belfast Chalk Walk tradition

(Belfast) – Later this month, Waterfall Arts will host the fourth annual Chalk Walk, taking place along the Harborwalk in Belfast, Maine. The event is free and open to the public.

The community is invited to stroll through Heritage Park on Saturday, September 26th between 10am and 5pm to watch artists create a temporary gallery of masterpieces that will only last until the next rain.  More than a dozen local and out-of-state artists–professionals and novices alike–have reserved square “canvases” along the Harborwalk pavement. Waterfall Arts is supplying chalks, knee pads, and plenty of drinking water. In years past, artists have shared uplifting messages, improvised intricate drawings, interpreted famous master paintings, and created optical illusions.

Chalk will be available for passersby to join the fun in a community drawing area. Masks will be worn and distance will be kept!

Pre-drawn 4’x4′ squares will be reserved for artists registered in advance — first come, first served. Waterfall Arts will supply chalk, rags, knee pads, and drinking water.

For questions, more information, or to register for a square, contact Bridget Matros at:  bridget@waterfallarts.org.

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