Tidal Zone

May 25 – July 20
in the Clifford & Corridor Gallery

Opening Reception: Friday, May 25 from 5 to 8 pm
Artist Panel: Wednesday, June 20 at 7:00PM

The Maine shoreline includes some 3,478 miles and is washed by two high tides each day; the zone that is exposed by the low tides is the tidal, or intertidal zone, home to a complex community of organisms subjected to an environment of harsh extremes. What takes place in this zone? What can be found there? What lives in the water, and what is cast up by the wave action onto shore? What’s special about the tidal zone and how do humans impact this part of our environment? These Maine artists ask us to look closer, more attentively, at life at the edge, between solid land and  life at the crashing of waves.

TIDAL ZONE features work by Ron Leax, Krisanne Baker, Karen Jelenfy, Abbie Read, Sandy Weisman, DM Witman, Marjorie Moore, Susan Metzger, and Julie Crane.