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Dear Art Enthusiast,

Alan-Crichton-Waterfall-ArtsI am writing to you to ask for your support.

Imagine that you are a young person having trouble in school. Immersed in academics, you’re just not doing well, and your grades show it. Bored and exasperated as well as embarrassed, you don’t want to be there. Teachers and your parents worry about you – a further burden you don’t want – but neither you nor they know what to do.

Finally, your teachers and parents turn to the local arts center, with its scholarship-funded clay program run by an excellent and compassionate instructor. As you work with your hands, the clay and your imagination, you feel more interested in learning, more able and certain, and miraculously, you become interested in school. Your grades improve. You connect to yourself, your own imagination and gain real confidence.

This is a true story, perhaps one of the most poignant, yet just one of many on a broad spectrum of the transformative power of art.

Or imagine this. You have just moved to Belfast after scouring the Maine coast for a place to live. Belfast feels just right for you, but you don’t know many people yet. You walk through Waterfall Arts one Friday morning while shopping at the Farmers’ Market and discover a whole new world: mind-changing exhibits, other artists, classes to take and teach, thought- provoking events and powerful collaborations, volunteer opportunities, performance, music, theater; so many ways to meet people and become involved. You find a group of welcoming people interested in the world, passionate about the potential of art and creating a sustainable planet. Opening the door at Waterfall opens many doors to your own creativity as a part this strong community. You start to feel at home.

Imagine! You live in a small city in Maine. It deserves its reputation for great organic farms supplying terrific restaurants, for its shops and vital new businesses, its great community events and terrific friendships. It is known internationally as an arts destination, yet it maintains its identity as an unconventional, lively city accessible and responsive to its people. How incredible is that? What a great place you’ve imagined!

What does Waterfall Arts do to contribute to this fantastic community? Waterfall Arts has been a central force in establishing creative breakthroughs across the spectrum. World- quality excellence in exhibitions, lectures, workshops, education, collaborations, public art – that is what we strive to create for the mid-coast, drawing people, literally from around the world, to visit, work, play and stay.

Listen to Common Cause Press publisher Greg Bates, “A cornerstone of what makes Belfast remarkable is Waterfall Arts, a place that makes art in people’s lives. Waterfall Arts knits the community together, helping to give Belfast its identity as a great place to live. Because of Waterfall, Belfast is a town that understands there is an art to living.”

Please add your vital energy to our breakthrough efforts on your behalf with your most generous tax-deductible contribution.

Thank you so much for your interest and support!

Alan Crichton

Board member and Founder


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