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Greetings Everyone!      Alan-Crichton-Waterfall-Artssmaller-karin-staff

I want to ask you three questions: “What is good art?” That’s number one! And next , “Why is art worth a community’s support? Third question? “Why support a community’s meeting point for making, hearing, and seeing art?”

Good art? I can’t tell you what that is. You already know it. It does something to you. Makes you think, challenges your expectations, excites your imagination, shocks you, sets you in motion. It gives you something you didn’t have before you experienced it, and you walk away more open to life.

“Why is art worth a community’s support?” If it is true that every person is a unique artist, then art is always a major part of community. Making art is part of making all things. Because making is human, art is essential to being human. And vigorous art-making is totally essential for a community.

“Why support a community’s meeting point for making, hearing, and seeing art?” Creativity needs a place to live and thrive. You and your family deserve a place to find your own creative channel, and your whole community becomes more itself when you, personally, make art. A meeting point concentrates a community’s creativity, and increases it.

Waterfall Arts has been concentrating this community’s creativity for 16 years, 10 of them in Belfast. We are a meeting place for 4,000 curious visits a year – to openings at our three galleries, to courses, workshops, to free after-school art, to contemporary chamber music, rock and punk, Broadway, jazz, poetry and rap music, to art lectures, workshops on climate change, and so much more. We don’t do it all, but what we do makes a difference.

City Manager Joe Slocum and the City Council told the National Endowment for the Arts recently, “Waterfall Arts is a magnetic gathering place… a dynamic centerpiece and destination point for the entire region. We can assure you that whatever resources you can invest with them will be well spent.”

Join me and our board, Joe and the Council, and hundreds of others to support Midcoast Maine’s hardest working little arts center – Waterfall Arts! Be generous, be kind, make a gift, and know that it will come right back to you. Keep the Waterfalls flowing! Thank you so much.

Sincerely yours,

Alan Crichton       and      Karin Otto

Founding Director          Board President


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